Helical Piles – Case Studies – Industrial / Commercial

Project Title: Land-fill Methane Equipment pad stabilization

Design Challenge: Install underpinning piles under high pressure, highly explosive, and active methane gas lines. Shutting down plant operations was not an option for the owner. Dense landfill debris / obstructions and confined installation space made project dangerous and difficult.

Solution: Install (9) RDS3500 to an approximate depth of 30’. Use of direct jack brackets and custom slab brackets were used to stabilize equipment slab. Clearance required precise machine control and custom drive tooling to fit inside the 3.5” shaft.

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Toys R Us – Jersey City

Toys R Us – Installing helical piles for commercial building addition.  Fifteen (15) Chance helical pull-down piles with 5” grout column were utilized to bypass fill material and unsuitable soils to a depth of approx. 25’ and ultimate capacity of 45,000 pounds.  Work was mobilized and completed in (1) day.

Water Treatment 1

Project Title: Water Treatment Plant – Central NJ

Design Challenge:  Limited access due to 15′ excavation.  Coffer dam and existing piping prevented access to base of excavation and also restricted operators view of piles.  New permenant foundation needed both uplift and compression. Poor soils including peat required a deep foundation.

Solution:  Install SS200 helical piles to an approximate depth of 25’ from above the excavation. Limited view required the installation to be performed “blind” with the use of two-way radios. Chain binders were used to stabilize drive motor to allow for plumb installation.

Water Treatment 2

Project Title: Water Treatment Plant -North NJ

Design Challenge:  Limited access due to excavation and wildlife preserve.  Cobble and till over a thin layer of peat required a new deep foundation for new concrete water treatment tank.

Solution: Use larger excavator to lower machine and material into excavation. Install RS3500 helical piles to an approximate depth of 20’ through till and peat.  Install new construction caps.

Load Tests

We have set up our load frames in basements, small hallways, and an elevator shaft.